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Continuing Education through the Central Missouri Police - University of Central Missouri

The Central Missouri Police Academy (CMPA), a division of the Institute for Public Safety (IPS) within the Missouri Safety Center – University of Central Missouri, is expanding its Basic Academy format by going from 650 hours to 820 hours per academy, beginning in January, 2017. This restructuring includes expansion on some of the Missouri POST required 600 hour curricula, and the addition of new, supplemental classes. Our Basic Academy students will receive intermediate and advanced level courses that many officers will not receive throughout their careers.

There will also be some not-so-traditional courses provided that are intended to be remedial. These can be helpful for those who have problems such as writing, public speaking, and testifying.  Courses will also improve applying ethics in daily work to prevent legal problems, and having a working grasp of the principles behind the Constitution.

In-service officers can attend our Basic Academy courses for continuing law enforcement education (CLEE) credit; these courses are offered through our parent division, the IPS. These courses are good refreshers, especially for more frequently changing subjects such as statutory law. Remember, as an Academy, we are required to be constantly updated, so these courses are always current. This is particularly pertinent with the implementation of the new Missouri Criminal Code in January, 2017.

Those attending Basic Academy courses will find it both convenient and affordable at a cost of only $9.00 per credit hour. We are limited by space, so we must book in-service officers based on availability at any given time. We need five working days of notice to assure we have time to get the POST paperwork completed. Our Basic Academy schedule is posted on our web site (www.mosafetycenter.com) a year in advance. You can also find the Academy schedule by going to Google Calendars; once there, on the left side click on “Other Calendars”, and type in “Central Missouri Police Academy”.  You may call or email to request a direct link to the Calendar to be sent to you.

Additionally, we have many stand-alone CLEE courses being offered. These can be found on the Missouri Safety Center web site, under “Courses”. Watch for additional offerings as we head into 2017. You can also find our CLEE courses by going to the Missouri POST web site, which is now providing a comprehensive list of CLEE courses statewide.

Please call if you or your department has a specific training need, as there is a good chance we can help!

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